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    The sustainability news you’ll receive

    In the sustainability newsletter, you’ll learn about the latest green products and innovations that will help you lower your environmental footprint. Sustainability news topics I cover include:

    • Sustainable living ideas – I love talking to sustainability leaders about what they’re doing to live more sustainably and how they’re using their influence to guide different industries. For example, soccer star Lauren Barnes explains how she brought a sustainability initiative to her team even while traveling during the pandemic.
    • Circular economy products and services – The circular economy is growing, and there are so many new circular economy products and services coming on the market every day. Most of these products are not only better for the environment, but also for our health and pocketbooks. Eventually, I believe more and more products will be designed to be refillable, renewable, and regenerative. When you subscribe to the sustainability newsletter I’ll keep you in the loop on the latest and greatest in circularity.
    • Sustainable products, services, and green innovation – In order to live more sustainably we need better products, services, and green innovation and luckily there are new products and services coming on the market every day. Most of these green products are only available online, so in the sustainability newsletter, I’ll keep you informed so you don’t miss out on the latest green innovations.
    • Sustainable home improvement ideas – My husband and I love renovating our 1960’s ranch-style home to make it as green and energy-efficient as possible. We have a sustainable home improvement plan that we’re working our way through. As we make progress I share my easiest tips and tricks for making your home healthy and sustainable. I’m also constantly on the lookout for ways to make it easier to conserve energy and use renewable energy so I keep you posted as more services come along.
    • Mindful living tips for eco-conscious families – Last but not least, I’m a mom to two rambunctious and delightful children and a dog-mom to two rescue pups. I’m constantly finding new ways to teach them to be more eco-conscious despite living in a busy Silicon Valley suburb. I love talking to other moms who are also figuring out how to be greener and more mindful so when I get really good nuggets of information from other mommy bloggers I occasionally share that too in the sustainability newsletter. I’ve covered topics like how to talk with your kids about environmental issues without scaring them and how to offset your family’s carbon footprint.

    If you’re interested in these topics I’d love it if you’d subscribe to the sustainability newsletter. I do my best to only send you environmental and sustainability news you’ll enjoy reading and that you can apply in your own life.

    About me

    I’m a LEED Green Associate and ISSP Sustainability Professional. I also have a certification in circular economy strategies from Lund University through Coursera. I have a Bachor of Arts in print journalism from the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University, but I’ve worked in online marketing since 2002. My official title is sustainable living blogger.

    I was born in Malmo, Sweden, and moved to the Silicon Valley with my family when I was five years old. I love nature and the outdoors. My love for environmentalism came from my Swedish grandmothers who both believed it was essential to protect our natural environment for our health and our children.

    As mentioned, I have two children and two dogs. Read my story to learn how I became a sustainable living blogger, and why I believe everyone has the power to be part of the environmental movement.

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