Sustainability statement
monarch butterfly on milkweed

Sustainability statement

My mission is to help green companies and environmental solutions get discovered through search marketing. 

monarch butterfly on milkweed
A monarch butterfly on a milkweed plant.

The problem I solve

The world is searching for ways individuals can live more sustainably and how to impact systemic change. However, much of the copy and content that ranks on major platforms like Google is outdated. (Some content is unintentionally incorrect and, sadly, some is intentionally misleading as well). I help solve this problem by helping up-to-date green solutions get discovered through website design, search engine optimization, copywriting, analytics, and online advertising. 

My triple bottom line

I’m always working toward the triple bottom line. Here’s how:


I help ecopreneurs, green companies, and female entrepreneurs. This in turn helps people that are searching for up-to-date environmental solutions and women-owned companies. 


My goal is ultimately to help companies lower greenhouse gas emissions through effective sustainable marketing. I also donate to green non-profits like One Tree Planted and Mothers Out Front


EarthyB LLC is a woman and mom-owned for-profit company. 

Sustainable development goals

The sustainable development goals (Global Goals) offer every company, government, and individual a framework for looking at sustainable development issues and how to solve them. The Global Goals I work toward include: 

  • Gender equality
  • Climate action
  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Life on Land 

My why

I do this work because I want a livable climate and a clean economy for my children and future generations around the world. 

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