Environmental solutions for a big impact

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3 simple things you can do:

  • Vote for carbon taxes and government incentives that help lower the “green premium.”
  • Electrify everything (at home and on the road).
  • Invest in socially responsible companies and banks.
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Sustainable home improvements and maintenance

Did you know that about 40% of all energy used in the United States goes to heating and cooling buildings according to Energy.gov? And buildings account for 38% of carbon dioxide emissions according to the Environmental and Energy Institute. Plus, buildings use 12% of total water consumption. Sustainable living really does begin at home.

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What is socially responsible investing

If you’re a current investor or looking to start your investment journey, it’s important to consider how your money can impact society and the environment. Right now, the conversations around investment options are shifting as more investors make investment decisions that reflect their values and beliefs on social and environmental responsibility.

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Sustainable living guide

My take on sustainable living is a little different than the status quo. I focus on the big picture changes that will truly impact our entire societies’ environmental footprint. No matter where you live or what your personal lifestyle looks like.

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Pollinators: A symbol of today’s environmental issues

Honeybees are a natural resource that accounts for more than 15 billion dollars in the US economy. They also face declines and possible extinction just like so much of our natural environment. It’s time to find ways to grow our economy while still helping our natural resources, like honeybees, thrive.

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