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Solar energy expert: 3 questions to ask every solar company

Thinking about getting solar panels installed but not sure where to begin? EnergySage solar expert Anna Hagadorn has some great tips. Here are three questions to ask every solar company, and what to look for when evaluating solar proposals according to Hagadorn.

Solar tiles on light gray roof
Solar tiles on a light gray roof.

What’s the price per watt?

This is like the price per sq ft when you shop for real estate, so lower is better. Nationally, the average price per watt is $2.81/w, but this will vary slightly by state. (You can check pricing near you on EnergySage.) As long as you’re getting quality equipment at or below the average price per watt near you, you’re doing great so far she said.

What quality rating does the equipment have?

There are lots of brands of solar panels, inverters, and batteries. EnergySage has developed an objective equipment rating scale with the National Renewable Energy Labs, which classifies equipment on a scale from Excellent to Poor. In our expert view, homeowners should prioritize Excellent or Very Good-rated equipment at a reasonable price per watt. Most folks on EnergySage get offers for equipment for Very Good or Excellent quality at a below-average price per watt according to Hagadorn.

What experience does the solar installer have?

Like any home improvement project, you want a high-quality vendor for your solar project. EnergySage pre-screens all installers into our network by looking at their licenses, insurance, years in business, years installing solar, and assessing their sales management team. When you come to EnergySage, you’ll only be connected with the best of the best she said.

Ask a solar expert

The solar energy experts at EnergySage only work with solar companies vetted for experience and high-quality ratings, which makes it easy! Did I mention it’s free to talk to the solar experts at EnergySage?

Go to EnergySage.com to get multiple quotes and chat with a solar expert like Anna. Read The ultimate guide to residential home solar to learn more.

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