Four simple Earth Day tips for families

I worry about my kids’ future all the time. With all the news about climate change, it’s enough to make any parent worry for the next generation. So here are a few simple Earth Day tips for families interested in raising kids on a healthier planet.

Cook with your kids

I had the opportunity to be on the Earth Day episode for Kiddos in the Kitchen. We talked about circular economy products that can be used in the kitchen, and why getting kids involved in the kitchen and garden is good for their health and the planet. This episode has quick and easy Earth Day tips.

Listen to Small Plate on the Kiddos in the Kitchen podcast.

Offset your carbon footprint

Project Wren is a carbon offsetting service that allows you to calculate your personal carbon footprint, and pay for projects that offset that footprint. The company is for-profit, which is different from most non-profit carbon offsetting projects. 

I had the opportunity to chat with a few people at Project Wren last week and came away feeling excited about the work they’re doing. I’ve wanted to write to you about carbon offsetting for a while, but I’m inherently skeptical. I mean, most carbon offsetting organizations say they’re funding projects that protect trees in the Amazon, but how do I know that’s where my money is going? Project Wren has third party verification for some projects, so this is a company to watch. 

I’m offsetting my own carbon footprint through them now. If all the news about Earth Day has inspired you to offset your carbon footprint, check out Project Wren and let me know what you think. 

Learn more about offsetting your carbon footprint with Project Wren.

Learn about the EU Circular Economy Action Plan

Last month the European Union passed the Circular Economy Action Plan. But with all the news about COVID-19, it didn’t get much coverage. So I’m including the link here in case you missed it. Having a similar plan in the United States would be revolutionary for our planet, economy and our children’s future.

Read the Circular Economy Action Plan

Buy shoes made from recycled materials

Nike is working on the next level of shoes made from recycled materials. They call the line Space Hippie and it’ll be available this spring according to Nike News.

Read more about Sustainable and recycled shoes. Several of these brands have shoes for kids as well as adults.

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