Sustainable & recycled shoes you want to wear every day

If you’re searching for sustainable shoe brands or recycled shoes you probably already know that most used shoes eventually end up in the landfill. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Innovative companies are starting to use materials like recycled plastic bottles and even recycled cork to make new shoes. In this article, I’ll cover how recycled shoes fit into the circular economy, and the best sustainable shoe brands available.

Circular economy shoes

Circular economy shoes are designed to be easily taken apart so they can be repaired, reused, or recycled into something new. The glues and fabrics chosen should make the item durable but also easy to take apart eventually. That’s because when you are done with your shoes, the company should take them back to be recycled or remade into something new. Why is the design so important for shoes?

Because of their construction—usually, their many components are stitched and glued and molded together in complicated ways—they’re almost impossible to recycle.”

– “Your shoes are made of plastic. Here’s why,” by National Geographic

It’s also essential that circular economy shoe brands use materials like cork bark and recycled plastic bottles in their design. Each step in the design is important. If the initial circular design step is missed, then it’s almost impossible to recycle, refurbish or remake the shoes. So truly sustainable shoes are made to be “circular.”

Now that we’ve established what circular economy shoes are, let’s move on to the good stuff. Sustainable shoes you’ll actually love wearing!

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Sustainable shoes: Made to be returned

The most sustainable shoe brands go further than just using recycled materials in their shoes. They also take your old shoes back to be recycled into new products, A few examples of shoe brands that make shoes that stay in the loop include Nike, Nothing New Shoes, and Thousand Fell.

Thousand Fell

With materials like recycled plastic bottles, coconut husk made from food waste, and “castor bean oil-based foam” according to the website, ThousandFell seems to be taking the initial design step seriously. Then, just like Nothing New Shoes, they close the loop by taking the product back to be recycled. That’s circular fashion in a nutshell.

Let’s close the loop together. When the time comes, simply send your Thousand Fell sneakers back (on us), and we’ll make sure that, unlike 97% of footwear, they don’t end up in a landfill.”
White lace up sneakers by circular economy shoe brand Thousand Fell.
Thousand Fell shoes.

Nike Shoes

Nike has been one of my favorite shoe brands for years, simply because their shoes are well designed. So I was super excited to learn about their Space Hippie shoes made with recycled materials like plastic bottles and even T-shirts!

Space Hippie

Nike is working on the next level of recycled shoes. They call the line Space Hippie and it’ll be available this spring according to Nike News.

The basis for the engineered knits that form the Space Hippie uppers is created using what we call ‘Space Waste Yarn.’ These yarns are made from 100 percent recycled material — including recycled plastic water bottles, T-shirts and yarn scraps. Combined with the other elements of the Space Hippie 02, we get an upper that is 90 percent recycled content by weight.”

Nike News
Nice space hippie recycled shoes
Space Hippie shoes by Nike made from recycled materials.

Nike Grind

Did you know Nike stores will take your old shoes back to be recycled into their Grind material? It can then be used to make new products and sports surfaces. That’s a perfect example of a circular product, especially when the shoes are originally made with recycled materials. That’s what you call closing the loop!

There are over 10,000 surfaces made with Nike Grind materials all over the world, according to

Nothing New Shoes

Nothing New Shoes launched in 2019 and markets their shoes as nothing new, because, well, there’s nothing new. Their shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles, post-industrial fishing nets, recycled cotton, rubber, and cork according to the company. Then, when you’re done with your shoes, you send them back. That’s the circular fashion part. You send them back.

Send your Nothing New shoes back to us. We’ll pay for shipping, give you $20 off your next purchase, and make sure nothing goes to waste.

– Nothing New Shoes
Black lace up sneakers from circular economy shoe brand Nothing New Shoes.
Nothing New Shoes

Native shoes

You’ve probably seen Natives before, but did you know they can be turned into materials used to make seating or insulation? Bring your old Natives back to the store to be upcycled and get an in-store coupon. The company’s goal is that each pair of Natives will be 100% life cycle managed by 2023, according to the website.

Did I mention they’re super light like flip-flops, but they stay on rather than flopping off? My daughter loves hers.

Dark pink Natives girls shoe.
Native kids shoe.

Recycled shoes

We all recycle what we can (or at least I hope you do.) But do you ever wonder what happens to all those materials? Enter the beginning of recycled shoes.


One brand that’s truly innovating what can be made from recycled materials is Saola. They seem to have made genuinely recycled shoes. Saola shoes are made from recycled materials like plastic bottles, recycled cork, and even recycled algae foam. Yes, you read that right. Recycled algae foam. I feel like I’m pretty up on what’s happening in recycled materials, and this is a new one for me. Here’s what the company has to say about it.

“We’ve partnered with the team at Bloom Foam to harvest harmful algae and create eco-friendly, bio-sourced materials for the insoles and outsoles of our shoes. Bloom Foam removes harmful algae from the water and puts it through a process that dries, crushes, and converts it into powder,” according to the Saola website.

I’m excited to keep learning more about this process. What else could be made from this bloom foam powder? My mind is officially blown!

Saola lace up shoe.
A Saola shoe made from recycled and sustainable materials.


Lane-Eight is on a mission to make the world’s best workout shoes. Not only that, but they also want them to be good for the planet! Don’t you wish every company had a mission like that? Lane-Eight uses recycled and sustainable materials like algae and recycled plastic bottles to make their shoes sustainable, functional, and super cute! Win-win-win.

Lane-Eight pink running shoes.
Lane-Eight pink running shoes made from recycled plastic bottles.

Recycled plastic shoes

Using recycled plastic materials in shoes is all the rage these days. (Do people still say “all the rage” or am I dating myself?) Anyway. So many shoe brands are innovating new ways to use recycled plastic. A few of my favorites:


Suavs are made from recycled plastic bottles. They’re made to be breathable and washable. Washability is essential for me because I like my shoes to look brand new, even when they’re not brand new. Also, if I’m going to wear them over and over again, they need to be breathable because otherwise, they’re not comfortable. So Suav checks all the boxes for me.

Suav shoes: Eddy Slides and the Zilker.
Suavs recycled plastic shoes. Eddy Slides left. The Zilker to the right.


Rothy’s claim to fame is that they’re produced using threads made from recycled plastic bottles. Which is great. More brands should follow their lead. But the best part is, Rothy’s are not only made using recycled plastic but they are also cute and comfy. The most important principle in sustainability is to buy only what you love and that’s designed to last. These are designed to be loved for a long time.

Rothys recycled plastic shoes
Rothy’s shoes made from recycled plastic bottles.


Adidas has partnered with Parley, an organization that works to address major threats to the ocean, such as ocean plastic. This brings me to the line of Adidas shoes made using ocean plastic. If only more brands were willing to embrace materials like recycled ocean plastic, the world would be a better place.

Adidas shoe.
Adidas shoe made from ocean plastic.

Sustainable shoes made to last

As mentioned, not all sustainable shoe brands are taking their products back for reuse or recycling. However, the most important step in the design process is making a product that’s designed to last. These shoe brands have built their reputations on using natural, recycled, and sustainable materials as well as on durability. If you can use your shoes or boots for 10 years, that’s one of the most sustainable things you can do.


If shoes made from recycled materials just aren’t your thing, I get it. Allbirds are made from merino wool, recycled bottles, and other sustainable materials. These are my favorite sustainable sneakers at the moment. I wear them every single day!

Allbirds is a B Corp and you can send your lightly used Allbirds to be re-worn through Soles4Souls. Soles4Souls helps provide footwear for people in need around the world.

Pink All Birds lace up shoes.
Allbirds sneakers.


Timberland has been around for decades but is constantly pushing the envelope toward sustainability. The Timberland EarthKeeper boot soles are made in part with upcycled tires from their tire company, according to their website. They’re also known for durability and innovation. The Timberland boots I have are comfortable, durable, and perfect for cold winter days.

Timberland Earthkeeper boots.
Timberland EarthKeeper boots made with upcycled tires.


Nisolo makes sneakers made from sustainably sourced leather. The factory is located in Peru and artisans are paid a fair wage, according to the company.

Nisolo sustainable leather shoes
Nisolo leather sneakers.

Like these sustainable shoe brands?

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Keep your old shoes in the loop

Most shoes are not made with sustainability in mind. That doesn’t mean we should just throw them away or donate them in the hopes that they’ll be given to someone in need. Instead, before you throw them away, consider repairing, selling or recycling them.

Sell your lightly used shoes

Re-sale websites like thredUP and Poshmark are good options if you have slightly worn shoes that could be sold rather than thrown away. One of my personal favorite circular fashion re-sale apps is eBay selling assistant SellHound. They make it easy to create a circular fashion listing so you can sell your shoes on eBay directly.

Repair your shoes

I’ve started repairing my old shoes. This might sound odd, but the truth is it’s not that hard to glue on a floppy old sole or add anti-slip pads to a worn-out sole. And you can always use a tire patch or shoe glue in a pinch. Instead of spending $100 on new shoes, shoe repair supplies are usually closer to $10.

Recycle your old shoes

Some shoes just weren’t designed to last. If you absolutely can’t sell them or repair them, look for a clothing and shoe recycling box. These companies will take your old clothes and shoes back to be remade or recycled.

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