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6 Sustainable gift ideas for women

Shopping for sustainable gift ideas for the women in your life is hard enough, but if you’re not used to shopping online, it might feel even harder than usual. As I write this, the shelter in place order is still in full effect, so you’re most likely shopping online for at least the next month.

If the woman in your life is interested in sustainability, she will love any of these sustainable gift ideas. I know I wouldn’t mind getting a few more T-shirts from Marine Layer! (That’s a hint for my husband.)

Sustainable gift idea #1: Project Wren

If you’re looking for a sustainable gift idea for a woman that already has everything, a subscription to a carbon offsetting service will be loved!

Project Wren is the carbon offsetting service I use. They have several carbon offsetting projects to choose from. I chose to protect trees in the Amazon because I love old forests. Take a look and find a project that supports a cause close to her heart.

Sustainable gift idea #2: thredUP subscription box

I love thredUP because all their clothes are second-hand, so the prices are much more reasonable than paying retail prices. This is a great sustainable gift idea for her if she’s already embracing recommerce and doesn’t mind wearing used clothes. As a gift idea, it could go wrong if she’s absolutely against wearing used clothes. If she’s a “new or nothing” kind of girl, stick to new clothes from brands like Marine Layer. If she’s a little more advanced in the sustainable living world, a thredUP gift box should be appreciated.

Sustainable gift idea #3: SodaStream

I’ve written about why SodaStream is a sustainable product before, but it’s worth repeating. When you buy carbonated water and soda in cans or plastic bottles, that packaging creates waste, and so does transporting it. It’s easy to make carbonated water at home using filtered water you already have from your tap. When the carbonation cartridge is empty, simply order a new one from SodaStream and send the old one back in the same box. It’s a healthy and sustainable gift idea she will use for years!

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SodaStream Carbonated Water Maker

Sustainable gift idea #4: Coffee Maker

Do you know what my favorite sustainable product is? It’s my coffee maker! If I went to a coffee shop and got a disposable coffee cup twice per day, I’d use 730 disposable coffee cups per year. That’s crazy. Even one per day is 365 disposable cups that end up in a landfill to live forever and ever. So a coffee maker is definitely a sustainable product.

Sustainable gift idea #5: Avocado Pillow

This is the pillow I sleep on every night. I’ve tried every kind of pillow, and finally, I found the perfect fit. Do you want to know the trick? It arrives super stuffed. I mean, stuffed with fluff to the brim. That’s not how I like my pillows. I like them barely stuffed. So guess what the Avocado Pillow has? A zipper! That’s right. It has a zipper and I took out half the fluff. I saved the rest and one of these days I’m definitely going to make a second pillow using my nifty Brother sewing machine. Do I procrastinate sewing? Sometimes.

Woman removing fluff from her sustainable Avocado Pillow

Sustainable gift idea #6: Anything from EarthHero

EarthHero is the one-stop shop for all the best sustainable products and brands. If you’re not sure what she wants, check out EarthHero for a huge selection. I personally love their sustainable t-shirts and can’t get enough of them. But they also have shoes and gear.

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